Peloton Experience:
Warm Up Room

art direction & animation

Multi-room experience created for a select group of press and influencers, designed to expose them to the innovations behind Peloton's newest product, the Tread.
Project created with Harley & Company.

Peloton Experience:
Innovation Room

art direction & animation

Second part of the experience: a series of animated videos created with Harley & Company to discover the details of Peloton’s new treadmill.

Google Pixel 2:
The Last Jedi 

art direction & integration

3D integrated Star Wars video for Google, in collaboration with B-Reel and The Mill.

Product Launch

art direction & animation

Series of animated films created with Harley & Company, bringing Revlon's newest line of products to life.

Apollo 11: The Truth

art direction & animation

July 20, 1969, commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon. All the images you saw were fake; created by powerful computers. We got our hands on the only real footage they filmed before getting back to earth.